5 Things Friday


What a week!!  There has been so much going on here this week!

The weather has been a bit crummy here in Minneapolis this week, and that is no fun!  Hopefully next week is better!

Ok now for the 5

  1. My child has been oh-so-crabby this week.  I know that she is teething, and it hurts…but then she went and did this…  10351904_577956075858_6178963937514071720_n
  2. My first 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge Group was introduced yesterday…and it sold out in a matter of a few hours!  So excited to get these people started, and get the next group going in another few weeks!10540905_791563487584161_2532873577501736479_n
  3. I also set a pretty big intention this week…and I am really nervous and also super duper excited about it.  I put some BHAGS out there and in less than a year from now these will all be donezo! 10481887_791085594298617_6443930309869998231_n
  4. After a week off from the Chiropractor, I got some more work done and am feeling so much better! I have been struggling with some intense low back pain, and extremely tight hip flexors for months now, and with just that little bit of work I am feeling better and cannot wait to hit the pavement again!
  5. Last night I got to meet Jeff Galloway!  I always get super inspired to be a better athlete after meeting running superstars.  It was a great night, and I will be doing a separate post about that event later on.



2 thoughts on “5 Things Friday”

  1. Sounds like a decent week aside from the spotty baby 😦 Teething sucks.

    I made a goal for myself to get my CPT certification by my next birthday (that was in February…so I have about 5 months to make it happen.) Between an international move and an inner city move and vacation kids and school….well my studying isn’t what it should be. Finally feeling settled and getting back on track. Can’t wait to start checking some goals off of my list! I still need to figure out what exactly I want to do with it since I don’t really see myself working in the small gym I go to. I guess first things first. Pass the test 😉

    1. Awesome! I plan on working in a private studio setting, and doing online training. Life sure has a way of stealing our attention!

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