Limelife Planners



ll planner

A few weeks ago I got this little gem from the ladies of Limelife Planners…and I freaking love it!

I will tell you all about the features, but first because everyone asks about the planner because of the cover…

I made a collage of photos that inspire me, that have the people that I love, and things that I am proud of.  I sent the photo over to the ladies after I ordered but had no idea that it would look SO AMAZING!  IT turned out beautifully!

It is an 18 month planner, with a monthly spread and also weekly planning pages too.  The basic planner just has the monthly pages, but you can add a few different add-ons to make this a totally custom planner.  I added the weekly pages, and a meal planner.

ll planner 4


ll planner 2


ll planner 5


I am beyond thrilled with my planner and you should head over to their page and check em out!!

ll planner 3


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