The Glo Run Race Review

On Saturday The Hubs (henceforth to be known as Run This Dad) and I ran The Glo Run for the second time.  And omg you guys…I ran the entire thing.  No stopping.


That has never happened in the history of Krysty.  And I got a new PR…my first sub 40 5k.  Now, before you go all “omg that is soooo slow…” it felt like I was sprinting at times.  I ended that race so disgustingly proud of myself.  And thankful of my amazing running partner and coach.  He kept me motivated and pushed me.  And now that I know that I can do that…there can be no going back. I know that I am capable of it, so I have to run like that every time.


Now for the review of the race…

So the entry fee went up significantly  from 2 years ago.  But there was no increase in the swag…so I am really curious why if the registration fee nearly doubled in cost, why there was not double the stuff.

I never got an email about packet pickup until the one stating that it was delayed…even though they BLOW UP not 1, but 2 of my emails with promos all year long.  And even though we had a team set up, we were not given the gear promised to us at packet pick up.  In fact, the guy was a bit of an asshat about it.  And seriously unhelpful.

So when I went to the actual event to pick up the remaining glo gear that we were not given at packet pick up…because you know we are all irresponsible and break it; so we can’t be given our gear until seconds before we race, all that was left were the necklaces.  Which was kind of a bummer, as I already had a ton of them, and really wanted glasses (they apparently did not order enough for everyone…whaaa??).

The course was the same as 2 years ago… a bit hilly, which was fine.  And good training for the half next month (omgomgomgomg).  Lots of fun stops along the way, and thankfully no strobe section this year.  It made me so sick last time.

They do not do waves, but with the vast amount of participants…they really, really need to do waves.  It would keep the course…a narrow path around Normandale Lake, moving much better.  It’s a family friendly race, so there were LOTS of strollers, and walkers…and selfies.  I think having waves would keep the flow going and the party rocking.

I had hoped for photos of Run This Dad and I along the course, because I ran that race…and I wanted a good photo of me doing it…but alas not a one.  I have never run a race and had zero photos.



We didn’t stay for the after party…us being old folks and all…plus I wanted to get home to my baby!

When all is said and done, I don’t think we will do this race for a 3rd year.  It will likely be nearly $60 next year and that is ridiculous for a 5k.  I’d rather do The Glo Party Run in Rochester, MN….it’s cheaper and you get some bling.  Yes, I run for bling.


2 thoughts on “The Glo Run Race Review”

  1. SO awesome! Good job! That race looks like it was fun but I agree I dont think Id pay that much to go again. Ive ran one race in my life just to say I did and that was enough…but Id be lying if I said Im not totally jealous of all the cool runs I see people do. Maybe I should try again.

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