11 Months

11 months

How is she 11 months old already?!?! It really does seem like only yesterday we we rushing to HCMC to welcome this little munchkin into our arms. It’s scary to think that this is the second to last photo I will take like this!! It’s getting harder to keep her laying still!
She is such a busy bee these days and into everything. All the things. I think it is her mission everyday to get into as many non-baby things as possible!
She loves to type on the keyboard with me while I am working, and loves to take videos of herself, and watch them later. We are sure that she will be walking before her surgery since she is getting so good at walking along everything that she can stand next to. And will RUN with assistance! Look out world!!
She still sings the Mom mom mom song, and asks for the ba ba ba nana song all day.
She is so fun, and awesome.
The countdown to One has begun!!



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