5 Things Friday

5 Things Friday

Oh friends…it has been such a week.  Like the loooooooooooongest week eva…


Last week Miss Hads had her surgery on her hand.  And then got a full arm cast.  Oy.  At least we know that she has a killer right hook.  Owie.  It’s not stopping her or slowing her down at. all.  Which is great.  The cast comes off on October 14th.

Is it October 14th yet?  No?  Ok then…

Here’s your 5!

  1. Run This Dad and I made some really excited plans and decision for the future of our family and I am beyond thrilled about it.  But I can’t share yet.  Sorry… 🙂
  2. I pulled out of my 10 miler from last weekend, and have chosen not to run my half next week.  I have not been training very well, due to injury.  So I know it’s best.  But I’m super bummed about spending the money on so many races that I never got to do because of my stupid back.
  3. Starting next Friday we will be having a new friend come to play with us 4 days a week!  It’ll be good for Miss Hadley to have a buddy around, and not just me!  I am excited to start babysitting again!
  4. I am giving away a Spartan Race Entry!  DO NOT MISS IT!  10250188_815340468539796_2625812624495111773_n
  5. I hate teething.  That is all.

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