The struggle is real yo

I don’t know about you, but as a mommy and a wifey I sometimes struggle with finding a balance in my roles between those two jobs and doing what I wanna do.  I know it’s super selfish to still want to achieve my own goals now that I have a little human to raise….right?


NO!  It’s not actually.

It’s awesome that I have goals that I want to achieve in my personal life and in my professional life.  Having goals is what moves us forward!  I often struggle with working on my goals once I have set them, or broadcast them to the world as it were…


But I am not seeing my inability to conquer my goals as a failure.  I just need to readjust my expectations of what I can do in the time I have given myself.   I have to change what my vision of my fitness life looks like.  And that might mean that I work out with Hadley next to me, or I go to the gym at night.  Or maybe I find a buddy to workout with that will help me stay on track!



Whatever that looks like for me, finding the balance is going to take some time and that is ok.

How do you find balance in your life between working out and being with your family?


3 thoughts on “The struggle is real yo”

  1. finding that balance is the hardest thing. I’m lucky in that my kids are older now and I can leave them without feeling too guilty or needing someone to stay with them. Still, finding time for workouts can be tough. Though not ideal, I go to the gym at 8:30 at night…after work, dinner and most homework is done. By then, I can leave without feeling too bad about sneaking off for some quality time with a barbell! My 8:30 crossfit classes are what i look forward to every monday and wednesday night. And my whole family (hubs and kids) know my schedule and it’s now just part of the whole family’s routine.

  2. Great post! It’s hard to balance it all. It’s all about prioritizing (to me at least). My girls and husband are first, my work 2nd, working out next and then everything else (house work, friends, family, sometimes errands) are last. I want to be a healthy mom (mentally, physically, emotionally).

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