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Summer is in full swing!

It has been a very busy summer so far here at the Holmberg House.  Between travel, summer activities and family we have been going pretty much non-stop.

In June we went to Florida again.  And this time Hadley actually enjoyed the beach!  She loved the ocean, and chased the seagulls.  She searched the beaches for bottlecaps, and rushed head-on into the ocean.

2015-06-20 18.17.23


The hubby flew home after a week, and we stayed on until after the 4th of July.  I love it so much it’s so hard to leave.  And I now know that I can in fact drive across the country with a toddler and not lose my sanity.  Yay me.

It was very hot in Florida, but amazing.  We also went to Busch Gardens,  Hadley got to go on her first rides…she did great!

2015-06-17 13.45.38 HDR

We loved the Sesame Street Safari, and the splash pad too!

2015-06-17 14.12.42

It was such a great time!

2015-06-19 12.39.26


One of the reasons I love staying in Florida so long is that my sister-in-law is always such a huge motivator for me to kick it up a notch in my health and fitness goals.  I came back last year super motivated, only to let life get in the way again, but after being there again this year it’s only reaffirmed my passion to stay the course.

If you’ve followed the blog for while, then you’ve noticed the ups and downs, the lulls in the postings, and it’s only a reflection of how dedicated I’ve been to this process.  Over the last few months we’ve made some decisions about the direction of our family, and made some big goals.  Which has given me the freedom to pursue my own goals without feeling like I am being selfish…. yay for letting go of mom-guilt!

I do really hope to be back in full swing here in the next few weeks and give you the content that you are used to with this blog.  So thanks for sticking with me!


Let’s catch you up, shall we?

So when I last posted, other than about moving this blog to a new residence, it was November and winter had just started to creep in.  I was also trying to dye my hair purple, and my little human was still in the throes of a post-surgery-sleep-regression-nightmare.

2014-11-22 13.44.42

I got my purple hair.  But it took about 21 hours and 3 visits to accomplish.

Winter lasted foooooooooorrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeevvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr

And the little human finally got over her sleep issues…by Christmas time.

But here are some other things that happened:

  1. I fell out of love with fitness, and fell off the healthy eating wagon and rolled for several miles behind it in the dust before I was able to stand back up.
  2. I bought my first Erin Condren Life Planner. (If you shop at this link you can get $10 off your purchase!  Weee!)
  3. I went to Illinois for a photo shoot, with my then business partner.  More about that one later…ashley_0082
  4. I opened my Etsy shop back up… I sell awesome stickers for planners now.  Go.  Check it out.  Now.  It’s awesome!  Plus…because I love ya… use code: FANSOFKAT for 10% off your purchase of $15+.  I am an official entrepreneur now…yaaaaay. FB etsy logo
  5. Finally decided on adding another member to our family…no babies yet because…well…endo still rears her ugly stupid head.
  6. I quit Beachbody…and I will NEVER work for another direct sales company EVER again.  Aside from the business aspect, I have come to hold more respect for clean eating, and know with every fiber of my being that eating a clean, unprocessed or minimally processed diet is what will help you lose weight and be healthier.  No shake or pill can do that for you.  Business wise…I just couldn’t be involved with a company that sold products that I didn’t believe in.  Plus, I just don’t do drama or ridiculousness.
  7. We are headed to Florida again in just about 3 weeks…EEEEEEKKKKK!  I cannot wait.  3 weeks in Florida!?  Um, YEAH!
  8. I am just 8ish pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight…holy cow!  For half-assing it these last 6 months I am very proud of myself.  Progress pictures coming soon.
  9. I am still dealing with PPD…yeah.  STILL.  It happens folks.  And it can stick around for a few years after that bundle of joy arrives.  Are we nuts for thinking of having another baby?!  I have more good days than bad, and Hadley is the light of my life.  But man that transition from only worrying about yourself to you AND another human…oops…I mean another human and then maybe yourself if there is time left over, or they take a nap.
  10. We bought a Subaru and I frickin love it.

So now that you are mostly caught up, and I am back…I will do my best to post more.  Life with kids is hard, and I still struggle to find balance in life.  But that will probably never change…it just need to get better at it.

Hope you all have a lovely Memorial Day weekend!

Aaaaand we’re back.

Why you ask?  After months of trying to move this blog to a new address I have decided that I am much more comfortable right here.  This is my comfort zone for sure.  There is a lot of history here, and I really don’t like change.

So, if you are still following along…thanks so much for your continued stalking, errr…I mean your continued loyalty.  Yeah.

I will totally catch you up on the last 6ish months soon…there have been some changes and there is loads to tell you!

Stay tuned…it’s naptime…and I am enjoying the silence.

2015-02-08 13.49.45

We are moving!!

I thought long and hard about merging my personal blog and my coaching blog for a while now, and decided what the heck!!  Let’s just merge them!  So if you are a follower of Run This Mom, or Sassy Pants Fitness, please head over to Sassy Mommy Fitness and follow the new and improved beautiful union of the two!

Sassy mommy fitness header

Fitness, motherhood, running, coaching and food is my life, so keeping these two sites separate seemed a little silly.  I am really excited to be there…and SELF HOSTED! WOOOOOOOOOOO!  This is a fun learning journey, and I really hope it all works out for the best!  It’s been a really great time over here, but I am really looking forward to this new adventure, and I really hope that you join me and follow along.  I know that this blog has undergone many changes in 3 years, and that is totally indicative of my life for the last 3 years…lots of changes!

The content and themes of the posts will stay exactly the same, but I am meshing my mommy life with my coaching business.  So you will see posts about family, motherhood, food, positivity/inspiration/motivation and fitness.  I will share more about my love of Shakeology™, and the Beachbody™ fitness programs like 21 Day Fix™, PiYo™ and more!

It would mean SO MUCH to me if you would head on over to the new Facebook page and click LIKE so that you don’t miss out on anything! And also as of December 31st I will no longer be posting to these pages, and will only be operating under the Sassy Mommy Fitness Page.

Thanks in advance everyone!! 

Sunday Funday Guest Blogger post: 14 signs you are a mother runner by The Running Parables

Sunday Funday guest blogger

Yes it’s time for another Sunday Funday Guest Blogger!

Today’s post is brought to you by Amanda!

Take it away Mama!


My name is Amanda Casto and I blog over where I write about the things I’ve learned from my time on the road, racing.

I’m a mom to Elise (3), Jack (1 ½) and a wife to Scott. I have a degree in philosophy from the University of Texas at Arlington, I live in Ravenna, OH and I’ve been running for 18 years.

I love iced coffee, Stephen King and notebooks. I hate insects, highway driving and clutter.

mother runner

14 Signs You’re a Mother Runner

Everybody always told me kids change your life. They were right. I didn’t ever think kids wouldn’t change my life, I just didn’t realize they would change my running life in so many ways.

I adapted. I became a Mother Runner instead of just a runner. It was sort of like babies just appeared one day. Even though everything I used to do that took me 15 minutes, now takes 2 hours, it never really occurred to me the ways in which my running routine has changed since Elise and Jack filled up my world.

That was, until this morning when I had to drink an apple juice box that held about as much liquid as a bottle cap because I was too tired to dig the Gatorade out of the back of the fridge. That’s the first sign.

  1. You’re trying to dig Gatorade out because you know if you open the drawer full of plastic stuff, you’ll have to dig through an ocean of sippy-cups, bottles, high-chair tray thingies that rattle and binkies you never opened. There will be no water bottle there and you’ll just have to try to remember to clean the drawer out. Gatorade it is.
  2. You’re too tired to dig the Gatorade out because you had to wake up at 4:15am to get your run in. If you didn’t, it would be 9pm before you had a free second to go, and by that time, you fell asleep in the chair before you made it to the bedroom.
  3. You act as if you’re going to burglarize your own place when you get back from your 4am run. You leave the garage door up because it’s right under the baby’s room and it’ll wake him up for sure. You tippy-toe around, in the dark, and if something crashes you have the urge to bolt for the front door.
  4. You back over a giant toad leaving for work because you left said garage door open at 4am.
  5. You’re thinking about microchipping your shoes because the baby drags one around by the laces. Then he leaves it in the guest bathroom.
  6. It takes you longer to download the playlist for the marathon than it will take you to run the marathon because the toddler insists on “helping” you “work” on your computer.
  7. If the community college offered a masters in speed-shopping for compression tights, you could teach the class. The prerequisites: Needing a new Garmin, not having a baby sitter and the ability to choose a sporting goods store with no toy aisle.
  8. You buy a way oversized, overpriced pair of kids shorts while speed shopping because potty-training takes patience and comes with accidents…and lots of judgment when you have to explain to the salesperson that it’s for everyone olfactory benefit to let you in the bathroom with the shorts. You have a receipt.
  9. You are not beyond wearing glitter-crusted Doc McStuffins barrettes because the cat stole your last bobby pin.
  10. The number of bananas you take home after a race is in direct proportion to the number of kids you have. For some reason, fruit causes bloodshed.
  11. You treat your iPod like the Holy Grail. It’s the only source of music you have that doesn’t include a chorus of animal sounds in every song.
  12. When making it out the door in time to finish a whole, really long run and be back with enough time to shower before the kids are awake, makes you feel like you pulled off a Swiss bank heist.
  13. You find diapers in your race bag. And, then they’re not necessarily of the unused variety.

Are these not the truest of words from a fellow mother runner?

Yes, so true.

Thanks so much Amanda for sharing!!  Check out her blog!

Limelife Planners



ll planner

A few weeks ago I got this little gem from the ladies of Limelife Planners…and I freaking love it!

I will tell you all about the features, but first because everyone asks about the planner because of the cover…

I made a collage of photos that inspire me, that have the people that I love, and things that I am proud of.  I sent the photo over to the ladies after I ordered but had no idea that it would look SO AMAZING!  IT turned out beautifully!

It is an 18 month planner, with a monthly spread and also weekly planning pages too.  The basic planner just has the monthly pages, but you can add a few different add-ons to make this a totally custom planner.  I added the weekly pages, and a meal planner.

ll planner 4


ll planner 2


ll planner 5


I am beyond thrilled with my planner and you should head over to their page and check em out!!

ll planner 3