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Reminder! We are moving!

Just a friendly reminder!

We are moving over to Sassy Mommy Fitness!

Please be a dear and head over there and follow, subscribe or stalk me on Facebook!  I’ve have really enjoyed inspiring you, and hearing your stories over the years and I don’t want to miss any of you!

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We are moving!!

I thought long and hard about merging my personal blog and my coaching blog for a while now, and decided what the heck!!  Let’s just merge them!  So if you are a follower of Run This Mom, or Sassy Pants Fitness, please head over to Sassy Mommy Fitness and follow the new and improved beautiful union of the two!

Sassy mommy fitness header

Fitness, motherhood, running, coaching and food is my life, so keeping these two sites separate seemed a little silly.  I am really excited to be there…and SELF HOSTED! WOOOOOOOOOOO!  This is a fun learning journey, and I really hope it all works out for the best!  It’s been a really great time over here, but I am really looking forward to this new adventure, and I really hope that you join me and follow along.  I know that this blog has undergone many changes in 3 years, and that is totally indicative of my life for the last 3 years…lots of changes!

The content and themes of the posts will stay exactly the same, but I am meshing my mommy life with my coaching business.  So you will see posts about family, motherhood, food, positivity/inspiration/motivation and fitness.  I will share more about my love of Shakeology™, and the Beachbody™ fitness programs like 21 Day Fix™, PiYo™ and more!

It would mean SO MUCH to me if you would head on over to the new Facebook page and click LIKE so that you don’t miss out on anything! And also as of December 31st I will no longer be posting to these pages, and will only be operating under the Sassy Mommy Fitness Page.

Thanks in advance everyone!! 

Motivation Monday


There is no Easy Button to achieve success.  You have to climb, and work for it.  And then when you get to the top you can look back on where you came from and feel that surge of accomplishment and pride.


How many floors are you climbing today?

Workout Wednesday – 10 minute workouts

As I have been trying to find the balance between being a mom and taking care of myself, I have been on the hunt for quick workouts.  Time is always such a precious thing nowadays.  So if you are like me and pressed for time to workout, try one or two of these awesome 10 minute workouts from the Girls Gone Sporty blog!

5 10-minute pinterest workouts

upper body countdown

lower body amrap

10 minute jump rope

full body strength

10 minute tabata

Motivation Monday


I saw this on Pinterest yesterday, and it really spoke to me.  I’ve been checking in on the scale and it is sadly going the exact opposite way that I want it to.  So I made a decision…

I am not getting back on it for 60 days.

It makes me sad when I do, and then I just beat myself up.  So the scale and I are going to take some time apart.  I want to re-focus my energy on other things, and I am not going to let it control my feelings anymore.

Happy Monday!

Motivation Monday


Today, Monday is not going to suck.  I am going to make this Monday my b!tch and get stuff done.  I have a long task list and I am not going to be until it gets done.

I am going to run a 5k today for my virtual Halloween Hobble, knock out that task list, meet with my trainer, and spend the day with my little.  Because seriously…


Yesterday we spent the afternoon at a Corn Maze and Fall Festival.  We had so much fun, and it was awesome being able to spend some family time with #Babylove and Run This Dad.

What are you doing today?

5 Things Friday

5 Things Friday

Happy Friday!

It’s nutso that it’s the middle of October already.  I feel like time is going on warp speed these days.  I know that this is just the beginning, and 5 years from now I am going to wonder where that time went.

So here’s the 5

  1. We have a new friend who comes over 4 days a week.  We will call her Cutie Pie.  She’s 2 and super fun, and she and Hadley get along so well!  Hadley loves her to bits and gets so excited to see her.  It warms my heart! IMG_4134
  2. I have been kicking my butt at the gym this week.  So good infact that I am sore, so very sore…and have been for days.  And because I love you all I am sharing this butt kicking circuit with you! IMG_4139
  3. Hadley and I have been taking an obnoxious number of selfies lately.  IMG_4161
  4. My Hubby, the best Hubby ever, Run This Dad got me an HOUR LONG MASSAGE THIS AFTERNOON.  Dude…is he not the BEST guy eva??  I am pretty sure he is.
  5. Because I punked out on so many races this year, I am already planning 2015.  I am torn between sticking to just virtual races, and choosing 2 halfs (one early summer, one late fall), and 5 5ks and the Women Run The Cities 10 miler a few weeks before that fall half as a long training run.  I have not decided yet…I have a few months to decide.  But I am going to totally overhaul my approach to writing a training plan if I go the in person races so that I am fully trained and prepared for those races so that I can avoid any more injury.