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What I did in Florida

So as you know the fam was in Florida last month, and some of this one too.  It was such a great trip!  Here are some of the things we did:

  • Drove 1300 miles with a toddler
  • Drove another 500 with a toddler (1000 round trip)
  • Saw animals at Busch Gardens
  • Played at a waterpark
  • Got sunburned
  • Got tan
  • Wore a bikini (YEAH ME!)

2015-06-20 18.16.10

  • Played in the ocean
  • Made new friends
  • Ate sushi
  • Drank too much (not really)
  • Worked out a ton
  • Ate awesome food
  • Visited cites I had never been to
  • Entered a new time zone for the first time
  • Saw dolphins
  • Saw a stingray
  • Got sea sick
  • Had some great family time
  • Cemented the bonds of sisterhood with an awesome chick
  • Slept in
  • Relaxed
  • Stopped worrying about my body
  • Realized how awesome I am, and decided to love it and embrace it.

2015-06-26 20.50.49

  • Celebrated Pride from 1300 miles away
  • Rejoyced at a momentous event in our cultural history #scotus
  • Spent tons of time at the beach

2015-07-09 14.49.08


  • Drove 1300 miles home, by myself with a toddler.  Go me.

The road trips went fast for the most part, but it was still a lot of driving!  I enjoyed pretty much every moment of the trip, but the last few weeks were lonely without the hubs.  I do look forward to my next trip back…hopefully in a few months!



Summer is in full swing!

It has been a very busy summer so far here at the Holmberg House.  Between travel, summer activities and family we have been going pretty much non-stop.

In June we went to Florida again.  And this time Hadley actually enjoyed the beach!  She loved the ocean, and chased the seagulls.  She searched the beaches for bottlecaps, and rushed head-on into the ocean.

2015-06-20 18.17.23


The hubby flew home after a week, and we stayed on until after the 4th of July.  I love it so much it’s so hard to leave.  And I now know that I can in fact drive across the country with a toddler and not lose my sanity.  Yay me.

It was very hot in Florida, but amazing.  We also went to Busch Gardens,  Hadley got to go on her first rides…she did great!

2015-06-17 13.45.38 HDR

We loved the Sesame Street Safari, and the splash pad too!

2015-06-17 14.12.42

It was such a great time!

2015-06-19 12.39.26


One of the reasons I love staying in Florida so long is that my sister-in-law is always such a huge motivator for me to kick it up a notch in my health and fitness goals.  I came back last year super motivated, only to let life get in the way again, but after being there again this year it’s only reaffirmed my passion to stay the course.

If you’ve followed the blog for while, then you’ve noticed the ups and downs, the lulls in the postings, and it’s only a reflection of how dedicated I’ve been to this process.  Over the last few months we’ve made some decisions about the direction of our family, and made some big goals.  Which has given me the freedom to pursue my own goals without feeling like I am being selfish…. yay for letting go of mom-guilt!

I do really hope to be back in full swing here in the next few weeks and give you the content that you are used to with this blog.  So thanks for sticking with me!

5 Things Friday – Florida Edition 4.0 The Conclusion


At last the month in Florida has come to a close. It’s been amazing, and a lot of fun and some hard work.

I am really excited to be going home, and to see my Hubs, and sleep in my bed. And also to be getting back on track with my training schedule! I am quite behind now. Although I was able to work out with Wonder Woman a lot, I am behind on my miles. I am also really excited to be going back to Anytime Fitness. I decided that I do need a gym, and this will make “me time” better. Wonder Woman and I were doing 2-a-days during the week, or double dipping as a I like to call it. And I really like that routine. Getting 3 hours of exercise in a day feels amazing and I am ready to continue that when I get home.

Ok so lets get to the 5!

  1. Cross country road tripping is not as awesome as I remember. Perhaps it’s because I have a baby this time? I’ll go with yes.
  2. I lost weight on vacation. YEAH! about 5 pounds, maybe more. Thank you Wonder Woman, Isagenix, Quest Bars and Walden Farms…omg.
  3. I like Florida living. A lot.
  4. Apparently the posted speed limits in the south are just a suggestion…I am sure that most everyone was doing a cool 20 mph over the posted 70 mph limit Wednesday night. oy.
  5. I need a hair cut. I honestly have not had one since December when I cut it all off. Now it’s just out of control.

Seriously the sunrise yesterday morning in Tennessee…


5 Things Friday – Florida 3.0


Yes…still here!

Wonder Woman bought a house (forever ago) that has not closed yet, and it looks like it might happen while she is out of the country…so I am stepping in to help her close while she is away…which means that I get an additional 2 weeks of Florida…for a grand total of an ENTIRE month of vacationing in this beautiful state of beaches and palm trees and warm weather! Winning.

But I gotta say…living out of a suitcase for a month is tricky. Not just for me but for #babylove. Especially since we are sitting in a house with no actual furniture…I mean, none other than a couple of air mattresses and some camping chairs and a TV. Not having her normal routine per se has made keeping her happy a bit of a challenge. But we are managing just fine with not having all of the creature comforts that we are used to.

Here are 5 things that I have learned by being on this extended vacation…

  1. We can survive with a lot less. Less stuff, less clothes. Just less. I am really looking forward to a huge purge when we get home.
  2. Two words: Banana Song. YouTube it. I’ve created a monster.
  3. Thank goodness for Skype. We miss The Hubs a lot, but at least we get to see his handsome face while we are gone…and for the first Father’s Day too… 10313766_573474292388_2015295614064444557_n
  4. I am not sure I want to leave. I might make the Hubs sell all of our possessions and move here.
  5. I am in love with Publix. Love, love, love…

8 Months

8 months

It’s hard to believe that my baby is 8 months old already! How did that happen? In a few months I will planning her first birthday party. Nuts.  I didn’t post this last week because we were super busy, and we had planned to be home by now.  But we are staying to help Wonder Woman with some house stuff…and hey…more Florida!

#babylove is getting so big, and her personality is really starting to show. She loves to laugh, and sings along with lots of songs. She is constantly dancing and grooving to her own jam. She is good buddies with the mirror baby, and loves seeing other babies. Food in pouches are the greatest invention ever, she loves them so much. And oh the BANANA SONG. I played it once to see if she’s laugh…but now she asks for it!! “Ba ba ba mama, ba ba ba.”

We are really missing Daddy here in Florida, and our mommy friends, and we can’t wait to see them next month when we come home.

Mommy Uncensored: Living with PPD – you think it’s gone…but then it comes back!

And at the most inopportune moments.

Like on a family vacation.

I am still in Florida this week, to help out my SIL pack up and move out of her house, and to hopefully finish recharging.


I really thought that I had this PPD thing under control.  But I apparently don’t.  It was kind of a shock when it crept up on me last week during a family outing.  I was sitting there enjoying the ocean breeze from the pontoon and it hit me.  BAM…the urge to bawl my brains out.  Totally out of nowhere.  This overwhelming feeling of sadness blasted my joyous Florida vacation feeling right out of the water…pun intended.


I was able to get it together by the time we got to Shell Island, and enjoy the beautiful beach with my family.  So I thought it was over…


But then it came back!  Again.

At dinner with the family that night, and again on the date night with the Hubs.  But this time it was just the two of us, and I could communicate with him what I was feeling.  I am so glad that I was able to be open and tell him that I was feeling down, and that I didn’t know why.  I really should be happy!  I am happy, but incredibly sad at the same time.  And I still am, but I cannot for the life of me pin point exactly why.


We thought it maybe had something to do with vacation blues…but I figured that 3 days into our vacation was too soon for vacation blues.  And I truly am having an amazing time.  As is the #babylove


And this face…seriously…



5 Things Friday – Florida Edition

5 things Friday

Friday in Florida! Our last day here, unless I can convince the Hubs to stay one more day…


So here’s the five…

  1. Trekking across the country with a baby might be fun. But it might not be. In fact it mostly was ok, but it also sucked.20140604-235700-86220123.jpg
  2. I’m trying not to be upset that my BIL posted swim suit photos of me on Facebook… Instead I will use it as motivation to get my pre-baby body back.  20140604-235658-86218745.jpg
  3. PPD…you SUCK.
  4. Freaking love my SILS… @camiruthlifts…you are a goddess…and thanks for motivating me, and giving me a jump start.  20140604-235701-86221101.jpg 
  5. AHHHHHH I’m sun buuuurrrned!