Now you can find all of Little Runner Girl’s challenges in one place!  From eating to getting a bikini beach bod…it’s all here!

30 Day Shred

Where it all started.

10 Day Plank Challenge

Perfect your plank!

11 Week Bikini Boot Camp Challenge

Fitsugar’s top 11 boot camp workouts sure to get you that beach body just in time for summer.  Each week I completed, and reviewed the boot camp for that week.  I also provided some swaps, or changes based on what I did or did not have for equipment, or ability.

30 Day Clean Eating challenge

This is the newest in the challenge series, a 30 day experiment in clean eating.  Follow me as I learn about this lifestyle and decide if it is something that I can make a part of my daily life!

Isabody Challenge

Certainly the biggest challenge that Little-Runner-Girl has undertaken.  A 90 day transformation to close out 2012 and change my body forever!

Big Booty Challenge

A 3 week training schedule and workouts for you, to boost the booty and flatten the belly!

Armed & Fabulous

Get ready for the gun show!  This will be a 4 week arms, back, chest and abs challenge.  This one will be different from the BBC, in that each week will have different circuits…each week will not be the same.  This one will be much harder than the BBC…but hey you need some guns to match those buns!


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