30 Day Clean Eating challenge

Need a jumpstart?  Head over to this post and join us in a 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge to jumpstart you clean eating lifestyle!!

30 Day Clean Eating challenge

This is the newest in the challenge series, a 30 day experiment in clean eating.  Follow me as I learn about this lifestyle and decide if it is something that I can make a part of my daily life!

Day 1: Clean eating…what is it?

Day 2: Meal plans and shopping lists

Day 3: Clean breakfasts and snacks

Day 4: Clean Lunches and sides

Day 5: Clean Dinners

Day 6: How does eating clean help your body?

Day 7: Clean eating resources

Day 10: Clean Eating vs. Paleo

Day 15: A mess for Lunch

Day 20: The Crack-down

Day 22: Progress photos and measurements

Day 25: Feta stuffed turkey meatballs

Day 28: Fixing what’s broken

Day 30: Back to Basics


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