What a weekend!

Oy…sorry for being MIA this weekend! But it was really nice to enjoy a whole 2 days with The Hubby! Very rarely do we get the entire weekend to ourselves. The Hubby typically puts in a half day at the office one of the two weekend days, but this weekend we had a busy productive Saturday, working on Project Apartment Makeover : the nursery-to-be. Sorting, trashing, and donating items we don’t need or no longer use. Plus we re-arranged storage a bit too. The room is emptying out bit by bit!

So let’s recap the weekend a bit!

We had a houseful on the 4th! My Sister-in Law and her Hubby and babies were here, along with cousin L. We had some pool time, and then stuffed our faces with some neighbors. We had a ton of food! We had deviled eggs, burgers, brats, potato salad, pasta salad, grilled corn, watermelon, and strawberry rhubarb pie! It was all very, very good!

Then we headed over to the park around 7 to get a good spot for the fireworks. The kids still had quite a bit of energy!



It was nothing but giggles from the back seat the whole drive to the park…love it.


“Here Jeffie!”  I love that my niece always loves to share her food with us!  She’s so sweet!


And she’s super cute to boot!




The Hubby is always Super Uncle when the kids are around!  He jumps at the chance to play with them…and they love it!


We actually ended up not staying for the fireworks…the family stayed, but we realized that with as busy as the park was getting, getting home could before midnight could be tricky and The Hubby had to work in the morning.  But we did get to see them as we walked back to the car. So, win-win.

A couple of days before I had made Patriotic Pudding Pops for the kids as a treat…but we never got to them!  But I will share the How-to anyway!

What you need:

  • 1 box instant vanilla pudding
  • red and blue food coloring
  • Popsicle molds


Mix the pudding according to the directions on the box.  Then split it into thirds, one for red, one for blue and then of course, the white.

I mixed about 8 drops of each color into the pudding, but do 2-3 at a time until you get the desired shade you’d like.  Then scoop into your molds!  I used a rubber spatula to scrape the excess lingering on the sides.  Then sort of shook it a bit to level it out.  Then added the toppers and stuck em in the freezer!


They turned out great!  So now I can make more…to satisfy one of my oldest pregnancy cravings that I have not been able to satisfy!  Woot!

Saturday was super productive, and the office/nursery-to-be is starting to look much better!  We got lots of stuff done, and still had time to relax!  Two heads are much better than one!  I get so overwhelmed when I walk into that room, that I freak out and don’t know where to start!  The Hubby is the best at focusing that energy into action.  So glad that he is my life partner…could not have asked for a better one!!

Then yesterday we had a “vacation day”.  We installed blackout curtains, finally, as this lil Mama has been rising with the sun the last few weeks.  I really needed to sleep past 5:15!  And that I did!  We spent a few hours by the pool recharging our D-Cells, and cooling off in the pool.  Then finished the weekend off with a season 7 Dexter marathon!  We finished it just in time to watch the new episode!  So suspenseful!  I really am going to miss that show.  I am really bummed that this is the last season, but I am glad that they didn’t make me wait another 6 months to see it!!

How was your 4th of July??  Or Canada Day??


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